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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Breast Ultrasound and stranding

After seeing my breast surgeon last week who by the way is simply an amazing, outstanding and incredible lady, I am going for a breast ultrasound this afternoon.  Her MOA is also fabulous.  I had phoned and asked if the surgeon could request the images from BCCA as the technician said she would just get the report.  The surgeon was on holiday but her MOA did this for me.  Thank you N!   At my appointment the surgeon was able to call up the images on her computer and show them to me.  This was great!  Nobody has done this before and it was helpful to see it as she was explaining it.   The remaining breast shows some density and stranding and a few calicifications.  Due to my past experience (repeated miss of cancer detection on mammograms for those new to the blog) which has led to my lack of trust with mammograms and anxiety about recurrence, this wonderful lady ordered an ultrasound.  I could have hugged her!  She totally gets it and said she doesn't blame me in the least for feeling the way I do.  My MO has never said this to me.

I tried looking up "stranding" in regards to density in breast tissue but can't seem to find any good links.  The way I heard it explained is that the dense tissue is spread out like a string across the breast as opposed to being a lump or mass of dense tissue.  This, I believe, is what makes it harder to feel and detect.

I am still working on getting all the images and reports from my old mammograms.  I have kind of taken two weeks off due to a whack of appointments and a biopsy on another body part.

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  1. My mammogram came back with stranding and I also have dense breast tissue, it's scary, should I be worried.could it be cancer.