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Friday, 24 October 2014

Long overdue update

Well I did manage to get copies of my mammograms in late June.  In July my dad got taken ill and after 12 days in hospital died of what the doctors think was liver cancer.  We will never know as no autopsy was done.   I am at a loss without him.  He had done so much research into cancer, rates in different countries and the different rates even within a large country.  He tried repeatedly to get papers published and had other scientists that agreed with him but we feel because he wasn't an MD, the medical community didn't want to know!  It was very hard and demoralizing. My dad was a world, renowned high energy physicist and I believe that one day it will come out that he was right!  I am not going to share his knowledge as this blog has failed miserably.  People just don't seem to want to sign.  They will take the knowledge and run, protecting themselves and their family, but not helping to make a difference.  My dad was a brilliant, kind and loving man.  He was so devastated by my illness, the grief it caused me and our family that I owe it to him to try and get some kind of action.  I have more surgery November 4 if I am healthy enough and will then start to try and get some action.  I will start with the Premier of my province but hold little hope for anything there.  I will then try some of the female senators who could get Patrick Brown's bill (see side margin) through the House of Senate but I hold little hope with them either.  They have been sitting on this bill for a LONG time.  I was able to do nothing for my dad in his illness and now want to try to make a change.

My biggest wish is that everybody who visited this site, or who I have told about the issue, signs the petition.  The number of people who now know to ask about breast density is growing.  I'd like to think of it as a ripple that is spreading.  In return for a critical piece of information that could make a  huge difference in your life, all I ask is that you sign.  In memory of my dad, I am going to try and get action.  My illness, treatment, time of work has cost the system FAR, FAR more than a breast MRI or breast ultrasound would ever have done.

At this point in time, I am also realizing that a return to the adoption process and the likelihood of becoming a mother is next to nil!

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