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Sunday, 30 March 2014

What do these states have in common?

Connecticut, Texas, California, New York, Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Oregon, Nevada, Alabama, Maryland, Hawaii, Tennessee, and New Jersey?

If you have heard and read Mi-Jung Lee's series on breast cancer you might guess that they are the fourteen states that have breast density reporting legislation.  Connecticut was the first state in 2009 and New Jersey joined the list in early 2014.

The Are You Dense? website is a very interesting site with lots of information and resources about breast density and stories from women or their family members whose cancer were missed on mammograms due to dense breast tissue.  The site states that, "Studies for decades conclude that breast density is the strongest predictor of the failure of the mammogram to detect cancer.  National (USA) surveys report that the great majority of women are totally unaware of their breast tissue composition and its impact on their breast health.  Women report that they want to know their breast tissue composition.  State legislation ensures that ALL women are informed of this critical breast health information to enhance informed discussions with their health care providers about their personal screening surveillance."

Please help put British Columbia on the map as the first Canadian province/territory to have such legislation.  Your signature may help to save a life!

I learned tonight from exploring the Are You Dense? website and reading Fact#6 that "women with dense breasts who have had breast cancer have a four times higher risk of recurrence than women with less dense breasts."  I hope this is a already factored into my greater likelihood of recurrence due to having Stage III cancer!

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